Changing World Changing Times – Innovate or Dessicate

To put this blog into perspective here is a brief description of the key aspects and challenges of my role.

The title ‘eLearning Coordinator’ sounds like such a great and exciting role for the 21st Century!

I have worked in this role at a couple of schools over the last ten years and have head butted into so many brick walls with lack of equipment, network blocks, strangling bandwidth and over worked teachers – not really conducive to enthusiastic innovation but we have moved forward and had some great successes along the way.

brick walls

WordPress Aha  Moment ! I just learnt that you can only scale an image down and not up hence the image above cannot be made larger!

Exciting times ahead as I am changing to a new school next week that is a total iPad school – Years 7-12 with personal devices and Prep – 6 with iPad trolleys so many of my recent barriers have now disappeared.


My role is to nurture trusting relationships and encourage teachers to plan innovative digital projects that will embed ICTs into the curriculum, implement, reflect and refine for second iterations. I have a great deal of experience teaching with a diverse range of Web 2.0 tools and Learning Management Systems such as Moodle and Sharepoint but now I am jumping head first into Edmodo which will be an adventure and a steep learning curve.

Although I have been involved in working with students with digital portfolios in the past I have found that the readings in the course are encouraging me to begin exploring  reflective ePortfolios, using more deliberate, scaffolded opportunities for effective reflection and developing metacognition.

My first strategy once I settle in to to identify some ‘champion’ teachers who might be keen to join me on this ePortfolio adventure.


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